Australasia's Premier StudBolt Manufacturer and Supplier

AF Industrial are a trusted supplier of heavy fasteners for heavy industries.

Bolstered by decades of experience in the construction industry, as well as a vast in-house collective knowledge of engineering and structural concerns, AFI have quickly become a widely-trusted partner in civil infrastructure, petrochemical, energy and resources and mining sectors’ successes.

The Complete Package

Not just a mere stud bolt manufacturer, AF Industrial have many other capabilities such as:

  • Sourcing and supply of stud bolts, heavy hex nuts, hex nuts, u-bolts and more.
  • Custom manufacturing of stud bolts and other industrial fastening products.
  • Onsite consultation – you’re not just wiring an order in; you are getting a relationship with a knowledgeable representative who will come to you and offer pre-sale advice on your fastening challenges.
  • Plating and coatings service – for existing stud bolts or those purchased form AF Industrial, plus advice on the right coating for your application.
  • Supplying to stringent standards – AF Industrial, across all products, adhere to the strictest standards for manufacture and safety set by peak bodies in Australia, New Zealand, all of Asia

AFI: Seen Everywhere

Whether it is at the refinery, on the freeway, next to the railroad tracks or supporting important structures for telecommunications of power generation, AF Industrial make a contribution that while hard to see from afar is critical in the smooth running of businesses and the safety of public spaces.

On a daily basis, major clients from all over Australasia trust AF Industrial as their first choice of stud bolt manufacturer and industrial fasteners supplier.

Turn on your water tap or gas appliance, and know that AFI are out there ensuring that the pipelines are secured with the highest quality fasteners so the nation gets reliable utilities.

Make a phone call or travel on road or rail, and you can rest assured in the knowledge that AFI have looked after the integrity of a network's towers, and that gantries, road signs and more are securely placed with their industrial bolts for many, many years of use.