Trust in Achilles, Trust AF Industrial

Part of the Supply Chain Family

Through parent company Allfasteners, AF Industrial are proud to be accredited by and are a supplier member of the Achilles Supplybase, an authoritative global body who endorse companies for their high standards in supply chain management and providing knowledge to their customers.

If you are looking for an accredited supplier and don’t have time for the to and fro of asking questions about compliance and manufacturing standards, you can look to Achilles for a family of suppliers you can trust. All major and common investigations have already been carried out on the company by Achilles before you find them. And when you find them at Achilles, all that is required is to commission the company quickly to start supplying to you.

Achilles’ stamp of approval takes care of it all.

The Oil and Gas Stamp

AF Industrial, via its parent company Allfasteners, are a supplier member of Achilles FPS Oil & Gas Asia Pacific for these products and services:

1.1.12 Drill Bits

2.11.1 Workshop Equipment and Handtools

2.11.7 Railway Tools

2.3.24 Padlocks

2.4.7 Bolts and Nuts

2.7.4 Abrasives, Polishes, Compounds, Adhesives

2.1.5 Flanges, Elbows, Fittings Hangers and Pipe Supports

2.11.4 Mechanical Handtools

2.11.8 Grinding Wheel/Stone

2.3.7 Bolts and Nuts