AF Industrial – Supporting Civil Infrastructure

Helping to Build Connections

In order to operate as a society, we need well thought-out civil infrastructure put in place. This infrastructure should improve lives and efficiencies when dealing with everyday activities. This umbrella sector can cover everything from the building of roads, rail, hospitals, tram networks, government buildings and the implementation of services such as waste, water and energy management. It helps us live well and to get around easily.

This isn’t just made possible by engineers, concrete and steel alone. It is all held together by a collection of fasteners that are designed to withstand great force. Stud bolts, heavy hex nuts and bolts and other large fasteners are a crucial as the supporting structures they hold in place, such as overhead gantries, roadside signs, communications towers and any other heavy structures that need be held up safely in any space within the vicinity of people. In Australasia, the most trusted supplier of these products is AF Industrial.

Some of AF Industrial’s civil infrastructure clients include.

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The Trusted Supplier for Civil Infrastructure

AF Industrial are commissioned frequently by these contractors.

Here’s why:

  • Fast turnaround time – from onsite consultation to delivery of off the shelf or custom made products, AF Industrial’s own fabrication capabilities and network of partnered skillsets means that we can deliver within a timeframe that no other fastener company can.
  • Decades of experience – AF Industrial’s parent company has been supplying fasteners to trade-level clients for decades, in Australia and the US. It’s only natural that this proof of ability has translated into solid relationships with contractors at the big end of town.
  • Quality – from compositional materials to plating and coatings, AF Industrial scrutinise their sources closely, to be able comply with the strictest standards set by authoritative bodies across Australasia and the USA. Our documentation supports your project’s viability.