Custom Bolts and Fasteners for Heavy Industry

Concept to Fabrication to Delivery

In whatever industry requires heavy fasteners, there is an expectation of the products used that they are of the highest quality and strictly adhere to compliance regulations. This especially applies to custom made products, as the standard is being set each and every time a product is conceived.

These products, whether they are custom bolts, hex nuts, hold down bolt assemblies or any other type of large high tensile industrial fastener, are scrutinised closely by contractors’ engineers; they base their compliance level on whether to commission a supplier or not. That’s why AF Industrial is one of Australasia’s most trusted name in providing heavy duty fastening solutions. AFI provide consultative support to all heavy industries and infrastructure projects with the supply of especially-fabricated products.

With decades of experience in supplying fasteners to construction industries around Australasia, and a strong network of satisfied clients in petrochemical, oil and gas, rail and road infrastructure, mining, civil infrastructure and energy and resources, you can know that when you commission AFI to fabricate heavy bolts and fasteners true to spec, you are getting the most accurate and high quality solution delivered in a fast turnaround time. Get in touch with us now.

Custom Bolts and Heavy Fastening Solutions – True Compliance

AF Industrial don’t just supply fasteners. Part of the experience with getting custom bolts and other heavy fasteners made with us includes certification and experience with the most stringent standards for quality and safety. All products made by us comply to ISO 9001:2008 and other standards which apply to specific uses of each fastener type. This applies no matter what type of materials composition you choose or what finish is applied.

So don't risk the safety integrity of your project or onsite infrastructure by using a supplier that does not understand your industry. See AF Industrial for a full understanding of your requirements and a process that enables fast turnaround of manufacture and delivery – anywhere in Australasia.