Energy & Resources Sector – Reliable Fastening Solutions

Holding the Grid Together

To keep the economy and our livelihoods ticking along, reliable energy generation is critical. And utilities distribution is a big challenge in a country the size of Australia. In Australasia, there is a diverse range of resources used for generating energy, and businesses are diversifying the way they provide clean drinking water, and the way they source gas for heating and manufacturing.

What’s most critical for these utilities, however, is how they are distributed. The network of pipelines, telecommunications structures and cabling needs constant monitoring and maintenance. A big part of this scrutiny involves the use of industrial grade fasteners that maintain the integrity of the infrastructure.

For many of the biggest players in the southern hemisphere, AF Industrial are commissioned to provide the highest quality stud bolts and heavy fastening solutions. From raw materials-generated energy to solar and wind-generated electricity, AF Industrial are trusted partners in providing fastening solutions that support critical infrastructure.

Some of AF Industrial’s energy and resources clients include:

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Putting Energy into Energy and Resources

These energy companies trust AF Industrial for their fastener supply. Here’s why:

  • Fast turnaround time – with the energy and resources sectors being based in some challenging locations, they look to AF Industrial for a fast and easy consultation—often onsite—and the benefits of a strong network of fabrication partners and freight solutions that deliver solutions within a timeframe never before possible in Australasia.
  • Decades of experience – backed by a parent company who for many years have been the first name in fasteners in serious trades, AF Industrial’s more specialised offering in heavier industries are guaranteed to bring knowledge and expertise to any site.
  • Quality – heavy scrutiny is placed on AFI’s sources for compositional materials and coatings. And all of this is provided with compliance-related documentation that means that the client’s tendering process is backed by authoritative facts and data for safety and quality.