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Heavy Hex Nut Features

Heavy hex nuts, made to the highest engineer-approved standards by AF Industrial, feature:

  • A thicker wall to concentrate strength into a more specific point of grip, enabling it to withstand very heavy loads.
  • A high level of compliance, adhering to ASTM A563, ASTM A563M and ASTM A194.
  • High strength – compliance certification indicates that the nut itself has a higher workload rating than its compatible bolt.
  • Several grade options –

When time is tight, AF Industrial can advise you on the specific types of heavy hex nuts and compatible bolt you need, have it custom made and delivered in a very short turnaround time. AFI’s background in industrial and construction fasteners will put you in good stead for compliance, benefitting from a highly-scrutinised manufacturing process and all the relevant documentation to accompany it.

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