Hold Down Bolts – Compositions and Coating options

AF Industrial provide industrial grade fastening solutions in a fast turnaround time. This promise for time efficiency also applies to custom work, which offers a great variance of composition and finishing options.

AFI offers these bolts in 8.8, 4.6 and stainless steels. And coating options – plain, galvanised and zinc.

So no matter what product you need, and whether it is a custom job or not, you are still offered all of the variables that would be available with an off the shelf product.

Coating Option

All Configurations

AF Industrial supplies hold down bolts in all sizes—as well as custom sizes, finishes and coatings—and in any configuration that is required for the project. Whether it is a single bolt or a full assembly, AF Industrial provides supply and fabrication of these products to the highest standards and in full compliance with the strictest engineering regulations.

In addition to these typical styles of hold down bolts, AFI also supply variants on the product to which the same vernacular often applies:

Rag bolts – or foundation bolts, often come in a “U”-shape, or in longer examples, feature a ”J” or “L”-shaped hook in one end.


Anchor Bolts – the same applies here, as it does for ‘rag’ bolts. These are virtually the same fastener. And both types of product come in a hot-dipped galvanisation.




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