AF Industrial – Holding Mining Infrastructure Together

The Nation’s Resource for Heavy Fasteners

Australian mining industries bring a large share of revenue to the nation’s wealth. In iron ore, coal, oil and gas, and power generation, mining contributes essential raw materials with which we build and use to provide a comfortable living. Being this crucial, it is also important that sites in this sector are bolstered by effective infrastructure so that they operate for as many hours of the day possible.

To make sure that this infrastructure is held together and maintained for full efficiency, companies need a strong partner in fastening products. For stud bolts, heavy hex bolts and other big industry fasteners, the major players in mining look to AF Industrial.

With onsite consultation, fast turnaround time on fabrication and delivery, and a knowledge of the mining sector’s fastening needs, AF Industrial provide robust solutions for business across all of Australasia.

Some of AF Industrial’s civil infrastructure clients include:

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The Fastener Supplier Mining Companies Trust

These contractors trust AF Industrial for their fastener supply. Here’s why:

  • Fast turnaround time – when the mine site’s equipment needs replacement fasteners fast, or infrastructure is being built for a new project, AF Industrial is there. Between onsite consultation and delivery, AFI’s fabrication capabilities are set up to provide solutions that are exactly correct and compliant within the fastest timeframe in the southern hemisphere.
  • Decades of experience – from long time experience in fasteners for the trades, to becoming an authority in heavy fastening solutions in the new millennium, AFI have developed strong relationships through reliable advice, the provision of accredited documentation and trust.
  • Quality – all AF Industrial’s stud bolts, heavy hex bolts and any custom made solutions are made from the highest grade compositional materials, plating and coatings. And we take it a step further – we assist potential and existing clients with advice on environmental elements that can affect the integrity of the fastener. It all goes together to provide peace of mind and quality results.