Solid Advice and Consulting: AF Industrial for Fasteners

We'll Come to You

At AF Industrial, we understand that despite the advance in technology and communications, sometimes being onsite is the only way for a supplier to fully-understand their clients’ challenges. From all over Australasia, AF Industrial are commissioned to provide stud bolts, heavy hex nuts, u-bolts, hold down bolts and any other form of industrial fastening. And this is across many industries – petrochemical, civil infrastructure, mining and energy and resources and more.

If your site experiences a shutdown, or your project presents a particular challenge for knowing which way to go with securing structures such as telecommunications towers, pipelines and more, get in touch with AF Industrial now. With our knowledgeable representatives on the ground, you can rest-assured that our many decades of experience in all things fastenings across all industries means that we can quickly identify the solution to your challenge, get the product sourced or custom fabricated and delivered to site fast.

We Build Trust, You Build the Nation

Because of our willingness to meet our clients face to face, and our in-depth knowledge of fastening techniques in heavy industry and major infrastructure projects, significant clients from around Australasia rely on AF Industrial for providing the exact fastening solution promptly. From overhead gantries for roads and rail, to making sure that the most critical oil, resources and energy network pipelines are held together safely, AFI are trusted time and time again to help maintain these essential infrastructures so that industry keeps on ticking efficiently.

Our reps are always out and about, so if you need not just the solutions, but the advice that bolsters the solution, see AFI now.