Fastener Coating and Plating from the Industrial Experts

We Have You Covered

Whether it is for existing industrial fasteners, or for products you order from us, AF Industrial offer a full coating and plating service. But it isn’t enough to just offer the service. If differences in your environmental influences, chemical or metal contact, or applications of different weight-bearing needs are creating doubt over which coating or plating to use, you need a supplier who knows for sure which way to go. Guess, and you could compromise the integrity of your fasteners, risking eventual breakage of failure.

For Australasian industries, the trusted authority in fastener coating is AF Industrial. Whilst having the full offering of materials compositions on hand for making fasteners, AFI also know which applications suit which coating or surface treatment. All of the common combinations are available, as well as a custom order capability for fasteners with any composition with any coating. Speak to a representative from AF Industrial today about your coating requirements.

For Corrosion Resistance

In addition to a plain (U) finish, there are also several types of fastener coating available for helping to resist corrosion. The choice of which coating to use is based on environmental factors, application and the possible presence of corrosive chemicals and liquids. Our coatings can assist with the resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and galvanic corrosion. Enquire with an AF Industrial representative to discuss your requirements for corrosion resistance.

For Secondary or Decorative Purposes

In industries where different fasteners are made from different materials, it is often important to be able to identify which ones are which, to avoid having incompatible metals come in contact with each other. This contact can cause corrosion due to a chemical reaction, which can jeopardise the integrity of the fastener. Or, colour-coding could simply identify how the stud bolt or u-bolt is functioning – whether it is placed in a liquid, gas or high pressure pipeline or to identify different levels of strength.

For any application, we offer all finishes, plating and coatings:

  • Plain (U)
  • Galvanised (G)
  • Zinc (Zinc)
  • Zinc Nickel (ZN)
  • Inorganic Zinc Silicate (S)
  • Zinc Yellow (Y)
  • Cadmium (C)
  • Xylan (Blue) (XB)
  • Xylan (Green) (XB)
  • Xylan Custom (custom colour)
  • Molybdenum 'Moly' Disulphide (MB)
  • Phosphate & Oil (PO)