Australasia’s Trusted Stud Bolt Provider

Whether you operate in the petrochemical, civil infrastructure, mining or energy and resources sector, having machinery and pipelines in top shape means no interruption to productivity. And there are several more reasons, such as ensuring that the services you provide are of a the highest standard, from the reliability of utilities supply to the onsite safety of your workers, just to name a couple.

When the site shuts down, and a new stud bolt or many stud bolts are needed fast, or when major projects such as the construction of a large bridge or roadside infrastructure requires a large order of the highest quality compliant fastening solution, the major players look to AF Industrial.

With decades of expertise in fastening products, and a network of stakeholders and clients who trust them, AF Industrial (AFI) have the know how to provide a fast-turnaround supply of stud bolt products and customised industrial fasteners.

We Know Your Industry

Bolstered by a thorough knowledge of materials composition and their appropriate application, AFI are available in a consultative capacity, on hand to offer advice on which solution is best for your weight or pressure-bearing requirements of environmental factors. This knowledge covers all industries which require heavy duty industrial fastening solutions.

All manufacturing materials are supplied as options – B7, 2H, L7, G7L, B8, G8, B8M and 8M. And no matter what product is supplied, documentation on COO, ISO and our accreditations are provided to help you tick the boxes for compliance.

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