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AF Industrial provide all configuration options – round or square, and a variety of metal compositions depending on application. Compositions include B7, L7, 8.8, and 4.6, and coating options such as plain, galvanised, zinc, zinc nickel, inorganic zinc silicate, zinc yellow, cadmium, Xylan (blue), Xylan (green) and Xylan in custom colours for easy identification of pipelines and their functionalities.

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Consultative and Customised

AF Industrial do not just provide u-bolts or u-bolt clamps in default configurations. If you are unsure of what type of composition or tensile rating you need for your job, AF Industrial’s representatives offer onsite consultations and advice on the best and safest solution. If the product suggested does not technically exist, AFI’s in-house design and fabrication capabilities can produce the exact solution required from scratch and have it delivered to site in one of the shortest turnaround times in the business.

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